6 questions about the all new 2015 Ford F-150


In January, Ford reported its 2015 F150 pickup could have an aluminum-metal body, a big change the business claimed might decrease the vehicle’s fat by 700 lbs., or 15%.

The vehicle comes with a shape created using more large-strength steel than before. The truckis body is constructed of high-energy, military- metal alloy, which Ford says won’t only lower fat but also enhance payload, towing, and energy efficiency.

The 2015 f 150 is likely to be for sale late this year. What should fleet managers find out about the car and its own new aluminum body? Government Fleet asked Mike Levine, Ford truck communications director, issues we’d (or have seen) regarding the truck.

1. What’ll be the cost difference for the metal-body pickup? Although large-strength aluminum alloy is more costly than material on a pound-for-pound basis, we’ve developed production efficiencies to reduce this expense around possible. We shall examine pricing nearer to release.

2. What’s the estimated MPG? The all- Ford F150 is going to be our most gasoline-productive yet. We still have to complete the fuel performance accreditation process and can examine specifics closer to release.

3. Does weighing 700 lbs. Less influence the truck’s potential? Yes, it’ll improve ability. Improved potential and light weighting aren’t mutually exclusive. As we remove weight in the F-150, we’re ready to offer our clients added payload and towing capacity since the truck may do additional work an integral benefit of reducing fat, with less effort.

4. How can aluminum influence body repair? Ford has used aluminum in areas of the body for decades, for example within the engine of the 1997-2014 F150. Oftentimes, the all-new f 150 might be more easy to repair due to its revolutionary design. The vast majority of collision repairs can be concluded by most body shops today, including bumpers, grilles, mirrors, dings, and dents. Main crash repairs should be executed by metal- capable Ford merchants or body shops.

5. Will clients must bother about deterioration? The high strength, military-quality, aluminum alloy within the new F-150 doesn’t develop red rust-like material. We have attended great lengths to produce coatings that can prevent corrosion.

6. Is metal resistant” than aluminum in the previous F-150? Dent resistance over the past model in two methods: The large-strength aluminum metal we use within your body is larger compared to aluminum we use within the prior product, and we’ve engineered reinforcement panels beneath the metal to help withstand impacts.

7. Will there be off-road accessories? Absolutely. One of the benefits of this all new truck are customizable options. You can protect your investment with some heavy duty F150 Bumper, Suspension parts like Lower Control Arms or Spindles, light bar roof mounts and more. If you have an image of what your truck wants to look like, there are a variety of off-road companies out there that can make your dream ride come true.


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